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House Lifting Services in Kerala-House Lifting/Raising/Elevating services by jacks in Kerala

House Lifting Services in Kerala

House Lifting Services In Kerala include House Lifting/Raising, House Shifting/Relocation, Building lifting, Raising levels of any kind of building structure on the basis of your requirement. We provide Building Lifting by Jack in Kerala. We have delivered 1100+ Successful Projects with Assured On-Time delivery. Our experts are well-experienced in this field and us a reliable firm providing service with a guarantee of 100% satisfaction and definitely will meet all your requirements whether durability or budget.

We provide Best House Lifting Services In Kerala, We can say it confidently because we delivered many successful projects in the many cities of Kerala.  Take a Look of our Projects.

Flood, Vastu or any Issue, Don't worry. We provide our house lifting services in Kerala to help for any problem.

People living in Kerala, suffering due to floods and landslides that occurred due to incessant monsoon rains. Many people protected their houses from flood by getting house raising services in kerala.

Specifically, residents from areas like Kochi, Kannur, Kozhikode, Chemancheri, Alleppey, Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, Thiruvalla, Kuttanad, Kottayam, and low-lying areas are enquiring about house lifting services in kerala and securing their house by raising the level of their houses from natural disasters like floods.

We can also help if you want to correct the directional alignment of your house according to Vastu. Sometimes people face issue of water-clogged areas or the neighbour’s house was on higher ground. But mostly people are want their house-raising due to flood.

MSKBL as a Top House Lifting Company in India, we delivered many successful projects across India. 

House Lifting Services in Kerala

We Provide House Lifting Services in Kerala including House Lifting/Raising, House Shifting/Relocating, House Leveling, House Rotating

Building Lifting Services in Kerala

Best Building Lifting Services in Kerala including Building Lifting/Raising, Building Shifting/Relocating, Building Leveling, Building Rotating

Temple Lifting Services in Kerala

Most Trusted Temple Lifting Services in Kerala including Temple Lifting/Raising, Temple Shifting/Relocating, Temple Releveling, Temple Rotating

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As a very general rule, house lifting is extremely safe; thousands of homes have been lifted safely and successfully all over the INDIA, particularly in areas at risk of flood/storm damage. When a house is raised it is done so very slowly, typically 6-10 inches at a time.

Depending on each customer’s requirements, the height to be increased may differ. According to rough estimates, the cost of lifting a 2,000 sqft structure would come to around 7.5 lakh to 8 lakh and can be completed in 45-60 days

Rs. 250 per Sq feet(S) for minimum 3 feet(s) lifting for South India. Rs. 150 per Sq feet(S) for minimum 3 feet(s) lifting for South India.
There are two main ways for a structure to be moved: disassembling and then reassembling it at the required destination, or transporting it whole. For the latter, the building is first raised and then may be pushed on temporary rails or dollies if the distance is short

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